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Q: Is there any fees to become a Member of
A: No.
Q: Do I have to pay any fee to list/post my products or services?
A: No.
Q: Do I have to provide my credit card or other payment details?
A: No.
Q: Do I have to pay any fees at any point in time?
A: No.
Q: Are the service provided by available world-wide?
A: At the moment the services are available only in the USA and the UK. We are working hard to make them available in other countries.
Q: I have signed up but I have not received any account verification email!
A: Please check your junk/spam box. If you still cannot find it, please contact us and we will activate your account. Please also add our email address to the safe senders' list to avoid any inconvenience in future.
Q: I have forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?
A: Please go to SIGN IN Form and click on Forgot Password link and then follow the procedure.
Q: I have verified my account but still cannot post my products/ services!
A: You need to create your Profile. Please go to My Account area and click on the left-side sub-menu: Profile.
Q: Does get involved in the process of any transaction?
A: No. only provides a platform for buyers and sellers to exchange/barter their unwanted goods and unused services for something valuable in their own area.
Q: How many products/ services can I post?
A: Unlimited.
Q: How can I post my products/ services?
A: Please use Add Product/ Service Form to list your products/ services. The top section of the Form asks you to provide the details of the product/ service that you want to exchange. The bottom section of the Form asks you to provide the details of the product/ service you are willing to accept in exchange of your product/ service.
Q: I have many options; I am willing to accept either one in exchange of my goods/ services.
A: In that case you need to list goods/ services more than once. The top section will always be same but the bottom section would be different depending upon your options. In other words, if you are willing to accept gardening services or a coffee table or a ladder for a used tablet, you will list your tablet 3 times. In all the 3 listings, For Exchange section will have same tablet information but the Wanted section would be different. The first listing would be for gardening services, second for coffee table and third would be for ladder.
Q: How can I buy products/ services on
A: You need to search products/ services at either using Search Form or through browsing Categories/ Sub-categories and/ or Regions and Cities. Once you find the product/ service you are looking for, contact the Member.
Q: The seller is looking for some other product/ service that I do not have. Can I offer him/ her money?
A: Although we always encourage the buyers and sellers to exchange their goods and services for other goods and services, we do not have any policy to force people not to use their local currency.